They’re Like Sponges, I Tell You

Three of my favorite things Boy Detective has been saying lately:

  • Biker boots!
  • Have mercy!
  • Watery grave!

The second two are from books (George and Martha, Madeline’s Rescue), but the first one’s origins are unknown.

How this child has not cussed yet given how we talk around him, I have NO idea.

3 thoughts on “They’re Like Sponges, I Tell You

  1. Grace

    Does he use them in context, or just at random?

    Princess: Good morning, Boy Detective!

    Boy Detective: Have mercy!

    Princess: What would you like for breakfast?

    Boy Detective: Biker boots!

    Princess: Would you like to go to the park today?

    Boy Detective: Watery grave!

  2. Kerrie

    Now my daughter has some pretty kickin’ biker boots….but their for her Barbi…So…maybe Boy Detective has a secret Barbi stash somewhere.

  3. Deidre

    I love George and Martha – it was like my favourite children’s book when I was little. seriously, I memorised the whole thing. good stuff.

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