They’re Coming For Us!

On Saturday, two of my neighbors received letters from our new property management company. The company had apparently noticed that my neighbors were living without leases and paying the same rent they were paying in summer 2003.

Since The Dog and I are living without a lease and paying the same rent as in 2003… wait, let’s be clear. We are living without a lease, and the canine charitable foundation known as me is paying the same rent as she was in 2003. So is The Dog, but her share is a big zero. Just to be clear.

We expect that it is only a matter of time before The Man catches up with us. We think The Man should be happy that we are quiet tenants who pay the rent and never get the cops called on us, unlike one of our former neighbors. But we suspect that the new property management company is going to feel that we should be paying more than $375 for a one bedroom apartment in north central Austin.

Any escape has been blocked by the fact that I am currently unemployed and therefore unlikely to secure lodging elsewhere. Also, we like living here. We pondered joining forces with our Libertarian neighbor to hold off the bill collectors at gunpoint, but then we remembered we don’t like Libertarianism. Or guns. Or having a criminal record.

I think the only answer is for The Dog to get a job.