The truth comes out

Me: It’s so interesting to me that you always want breakfast right away when you get up, these days.

Boy Detective: What do you mean?

Me: Remember how you never used to be hungry first thing in the morning? It took you quite a while to be ready for breakfast. So you’d go off and build Legos or whatever?

Boy Detective: Oh THAT! That was just because I wanted to play too much.

11 thoughts on “The truth comes out

  1. Skye

    Ashley, I was completely taken in though! I really just thought he was not an early-breakfast person!

    But yes, Amber, they do often end up telling on themselves…

  2. Skye

    I couldn’t fault his logic! I just have to get my mental list of “things about my kid” updated!

  3. Skye

    Brandi, that could be! I should check on the length of his pants for this fall then, yikes.

    Elizabeth, his grandma once caught him in our bed with the light on playing on the iPad when she’d put him to bed an hour before in his own room. I feel your pain!

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