What Taxes Do For You

A couple of slight overstatements, perhaps, but a good list.

From A Fresh Look at Taxes by Debbie Stein:

While I can provide many things for my children, I cannot possibly protect them from every possible danger …

I personally cannot ensure that each and every toy, food item, medicine, or piece of furniture with which my children come into contact is safe for their use. But my taxes finance agencies to test and retest and recall any product that may be harmful to my family.

I personally cannot guarantee perfect health for my children. But my taxes support a Medicaid program and Children’s Health Insurance program that allow their classmates, neighbors, and potential playmates to receive care and immunizations. So, not only are they healthier, but my children are exposed to fewer diseases.

I personally cannot provide emergency assistance if disaster were to strike in my absence (or even in my presence, for that matter). But my taxes fund a 911 emergency response system that allows me to rest assured that my children are safe in case of fire, burglary, accidents, or worse.

I personally cannot ensure that the kids in my child’s classroom are well-behaved and attentive. But my taxes help fund the School Meals Program that feeds students and creates a space in which the children can all learn and grow together.

I personally cannot shield my children from all possible illnesses or epidemics. But my taxes support an agency that studies diseases and keeps the public informed about vaccines and measures that will keep my children safe from harm.

I personally cannot build parks and playgrounds and libraries where my kids can play and learn. But my taxes go toward creating these public spaces for their daily enrichment.

In case my libertarian ex-husband is reading this, let me just say that if you’re going to talk sh*t about how corporations should do this because no one who works for the federal government has any incentive to do things properly, take a look at this and then we’ll talk. In case you’re too paranoid to register with the Statesman to get access, I’ll give you the title and the first line: “Texas company pleads guilty to scamming poor schools: NEC Business Network Solutions Inc., part of Japanese electronics giant NEC Corp., agreed to pay $20.6 million after pleading guilty to defrauding a federal program aimed at helping poor schools and libraries connect to the Internet.” See? Nobody’s perfect.

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