About that table saw

My sister has decided to clarify this comment, which I posted a year and a half ago after receiving it in one of her more random emails:

Stay away from generic wipes. You can make your own wipes. The only challenging part is cutting apart the paper towel roll. D. used a table saw.

Her explanation:

The cutting was necessary simply because I didn’t have a bowl big enough to hold a paper towel roll and I couldn’t manage to cut the roll apart with anything less than a table saw. Although I didn’t really try an ax and I don’t know how to use a chainsaw. So, basically, I had only tried scissors. In my defense, I was going on 3 years without sleep at the time.

I’m not sure I feel any better.

One thought on “About that table saw

  1. BonnieBelle

    A table saw is on my list of things I want for my future workshop. No, really. The toolbox at our house is mine and I do the majority of fixin stuff. If we had our own garage, I’d never be able to park my car in it, because I’d always have the space taken up in projects.

    I’ve been wanting to make cloth wipes, because I’ve found that cloth generally works better on butts, especially cloth with some texture, like terry. Wipes seemed to just slide things around sometimes, not enough gripping power.

    (And this is my mandatory “talking about poo” mommy comment for the day)

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