Table, for B. in Oregon

One of the things I am thankful for is that I bought 4 cases of macaroni and cheese and one case of spaghettios from Annie’s Homegrown a few months ago, so I have something for dinner tonight even though I refuse to socialize today and C-Man is at his dad’s which means there is no one to cook for me.

My friend B. had challenged me to create furniture out of the boxes if I couldn’t find enough cabinet space. So I built tiered extensions onto the coffee table and took a picture for her, then completely forgot about it for quite some time. But here it is:

coffee table with additions made of cases

You can see how the spaghettios in particular made a nice platform for the remotes. However, I did eventually store all of the cases, so I am also thankful that I have more cabinet space than I think I do.

The Dog and I wish everyone a good Thanksgiving. I made pumpkin muffins, so we are celebrating by not letting her have any.

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