4 Supernatural Webcomics to Read and Fall in Love With!

Sometimes, even if you’re not around a campfire, you need a good ghost story. Or a monster story. Or a demon story. Or a story about mystical forces personified as gods. Lucky for us, there are some top-notch paranormal and supernatural webcomics out there. Here are the ones I’m loving right now – but I wouldn’t say no to more, so let me know if I’ve overlooked a gem!

A helpful webcomics reading tip: many creators sell PDFs or hard copies too! That can be an easier for long stories and lets you read without an internet connection. Check around the site for buying options.

Some of these comics may be on hiatus or abandoned. I don’t remove webcomics from my posts for that reason, though, because some people don’t mind reading a comic without an end, and also, sometimes creators come back to webcomics after extended absences.

The Fox Sister by Christina and Jayd

What it’s about: “…our Korean Supernatural thriller/dram-edy story […] it’s really all about Yun Hee hunting down the Kumiho which has taken on the appearance of her sister, Sun Hee. Revenge story!”

Why I love it: It’s so, so gorgeous. The art is amazing. The story is very emotional but in a quiet way. It feels creepy and dangerous, much more than a standard demon-hunting action comic. Faith and magic both suffuse the interactions between Yun Hee and the Christian missionary who befriends her (almost against her will.) I would pay money for an animated movie of this comic. If you’re going to be cranky that there’s no end, though, don’t start reading, because I doubt this will ever be done.

The Immortal Nadia Greene by Jamal Campbell.

What it’s about: “Nadia Greene, armed with her baseball bat and dominant will, beats up death and becomes a little bit immortal. Sort of.”

Why I love it: OH MY GOD NADIA IS AMAZING. (That’s her beautifulness in the promo images at the top and end of this post.) She’s an African-American kid with natural hair and a bat, and Campbell draws her with so much respect and love. She takes no bull from anyone, even supernatural beings.

Kay and P by Jackie Musto

What it’s about: “Kay is a college aged girl who goes to school for art and music. Her best friend P. is a skeleton – who, well, no one else seems to see. She does her best to try and manage her life and living with an invisible skeleton, as well as school and all the other weird happenings going on.”

Why I love it: The characters are so easy to bond with. You wouldn’t think an invisible skeleton would have that much of a personality, but he does. They have a great friendship even despite its complications. Seeing Kay truly relax around P is a joy. I also enjoyed reading about a bisexual main character where her orientation (and any drama about it) isn’t a central plot point.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors by Lucy Lyall

What it’s about: “Your local Specialists are: Toby Hathaway and Marion Sark. Highly experienced and skilled professionals, experts at handling the uncanny, supernatural and subnatural. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable. Specialities include visitations, disappearances, compulsions, manifestations, transformations and removal of uninvited guests. We can be diplomatic or more persuasive as the situation requires.”

Why I love it: If this was a BBC television show, it would have legions of nerdy fans. It’s funny, with touching moments that are so satisfying because they’re rare and restrained. (Marion’s birthday present, oh my stars!) Instead of being pretty, the main characters are cool. If you’re at all into monster-hunting, this is the supernatural webcomic for you.

And that’s the list of my favorite paranormal and supernatural webcomics so far!! If you’ve also read and enjoyed any of these, please leave me a comment. It’s always fun to hear from another fan. Or recommend another webcomic I should read. And finally, if you enjoyed this post, I’d appreciate any sharing you could do to help others find it. These comics all deserve more readers!