Sometimes you just have to move on…

Dear All The Songs I Am Deleting From My Computer’s Hard Drive,

It’s not you! I’m sure you’re just as thoughtful, well-crafted, and entertaining as you were when I started listening to you 25 years ago. Or 10 years. (Or, for some of you, one year.)

The problem is that I’ve changed!

For some of you, I’ve changed from being a person who has heard you 10 times, to being a person who has heard you 1000 times. Clearly not your fault. Well, maybe it is. You’re a victim of your own excellence? When I was young I didn’t know that one could get bored with a song one loved. Now I know.

For others of you, the issue is… how do I say this politely? I’ve just moved past needing songs about toxic romance and self-delusion in relationships. To be honest, I doubt I needed you in the first place, because you reinforced a lot of my completely unacceptable behavior in those areas. I’m permanently grounded from dating even if something happens to C-Man, so there’s no risk of recidivism, but still there’s not much point in keeping content that hearkens back to the Bad Old Days.

And then there are the mean songs. Yes, you can be funny at times. But I’m increasingly uneasy with having so much mean in my life. There’s plenty of that on the internet.

I hope you have a wonderful life. I really mean that. Don’t let this get you down. Maybe we’ll run into each other briefly someday on Pandora or I’ll hear you coming out of someone’s car window, and we can say hi.



p.s. Yes, I am wearing my son’s sunglasses in this picture. How could you tell?

11 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to move on…

  1. Lisa Diaz

    No! I could not imagine getting rid of U2 or The Smiths or Morrissey! I mean, I just saw Morrissey live in May. Maybe I am in denial. I mean I am turning 41 on Sunday & I was just saying that I will never grow up. Ha ha! More proof.

    Lots of love to you, Lisa

  2. She Rocks Fitness

    Way to ROCK your son’s sunglasses! :) I like purging and sometimes you just have to do it and in the end it feels really good. You have a whole new clean slate to work with…Bring on the next music chapter!

  3. Skye

    Lisa, there are definitely some songs from my past that aren’t going anywhere! :)

    Lora, yes, it really has surprised me, but when I keep hitting “skip” while I’m listening to everything on random then I know it’s time for a cleanout.

    Patti and She Rocks Fitness, I’ve had to buy more sunglasses of my own because someone was getting annoyed with me for borrowing these to drive. But they were in the car and they fit!

  4. Jenny

    Some songs server a certain purpose for only a certain length of time…than time to move on. There are some songs I used to love, now, can’t stand the thought of them much less the actual song itself.

  5. Heather

    Ha ha! This is great! I just did this with all of the music on my computer as well. A lot of times, I thought…man, I wouldn’t want my daughter hearing these songs…and others I was just so not in that state of mind anymore! Glad I’m not alone! ;)

  6. Skye

    Angelica, I think they’ll be okay! They’ll find someone else who can truly appreciate them. (Or not, in the case of some of the big hair band heavy metal.)

    Heather, yes, exactly! We do have a segregated playlist for “grownup” music but there was some stuff I was just not in that headspace anymore.

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