Social Media, Improbabilities, Etc.

Me: Why is your husband sending me game stuff on Facebook?

Sister: You can block him. You should totally block him.

Brother-in-law: I think when you sign up by default it shows you as a possible player. If you don’t want ’em anymore, I won’t send ’em.

Sister: Just block him. You said you wanted to be on Facebook so you didn’t miss it when people had babies. If my husband has a baby, I will tell you. You don’t have to wait to read about it on Facebook.

One thought on “Social Media, Improbabilities, Etc.

  1. Simone

    That was fantastic!

    Also, we should skype soon.

    Also, you’re on facebook? Friend me? And then if you want to block me later for pitching like a six month long feminist fit, you can. I won’t get mad.

    Love you.

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