A Few Short Posts For Your Entertainment

A few quick posts I enjoyed lately, with my own titles:

I dare you to start using this phrase.

Next time, the note will be from the salad I forgot in the back of the fridge.

I so can’t wait until Boy Detective talks back if he’s going to be this clever.

Yes, but almost any answer is correct.

Note that she grew up like I did, using “coke” as a generic. When specificity is called for, though, she uses the actual name of the product in question.

2 thoughts on “A Few Short Posts For Your Entertainment

  1. Januari

    Brian and I laugh because one time, his grandma entered the room and announced, “Someone needs to eat these oranges, they’re almost rotten!”

  2. The Firefaery

    I also refer to them as pop cans, from growing up in the backwoods of Michigan starting at age 5. Drives my husband insane.

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