Shh! We Have a Plan (and you know what they say about plans)

   December 2, 2014    Comments Off on Shh! We Have a Plan (and you know what they say about plans)

Have you ever been in that meeting where everyone is making a Big Important Plan, and you’re saying “hang on, there may be a problem!” and NO ONE is listening? Candlewick Press publishes so many of our favorite kids’ books, and they were kind enough to send over Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton. And this book is exactly that meeting, except it’s funny because it’s not real.

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The text is simple, so even the littlest kids will be able to follow. But at 40 I was entertained watching each questionable scheme being set up by the three big people, who all ignore the little team member, and my seven year old cracked up as each plan fell apart.

This would be a great young kiddo gift, especially if the kid in question has adults in their life who appreciate good graphic design! The color is so rich, and the character design so quirky.

Here’s a trailer which would be fun to watch either before or after kiddo has read the book:

We enjoyed the book so much that we also checked out Haughton’s earlier book Oh No, George!

I’ve always struggled with impulse control myself, so I could empathize with this poor dog! He’s trying to hard to be good! And yet that cake was just sitting there…

Haughton’s website has all kinds of downloads and activity pages that go along with his books. He’s become one of our “must read” children’s book authors now.

Who are your must-read children’s book authors? We’re always looking for suggestions!