Seven Years

This, my friends, is a picture of love:

You are probably saying “No, Skye, that is a picture of the inside of a freezer.”

You’re right! But so am I.

For the first five years of my marriage to C-Man, I posted a wedding photo each year on our anniversary. (On the sixth anniversary, I was on a blogging hiatus.) This year, in September on our son’s birthday, I opened the freezer to find the above. I took a picture, because it was such a perfect moment.

This is proof that C-Man went to the store without a list, because I was too tired to make a list, and got groceries, probably so I wouldn’t have to drive in the dark to get them. This is C-Man not having a clue how many boxes of frozen waffles we have, but knowing that frozen waffles make his sweetie happy, and buying two boxes of frozen waffles just in case.

Love, I tell you.

This year, we’ve been less sick than last year, but far more busy. We only remembered it was our anniversary because of a friend’s Guy Fawkes Day status on Google Chat. We celebrated by C-Man coming home from work for lunch and making us egg salad sandwiches. Then after Boy Detective was in bed, I ate the cupcake C-Man brought me while working on my blog and kind-of watching him play a video game as a giant robot dog with a chainsaw attached to its tail. We needed to chill out.

And then today, November 6th, I said “Oh NO I forgot to post and I do it every year and I meant to post the waffle picture.” And he said “You should post anyway. And then it’s really okay if you backdate it.”

That is also love.

And he’s still my favorite person in the whole wide world.