Saturday Good Writing #9

Brownfemipower put together a thoroughly enjoyable critique of Queen Latifah’s makeover in E! Channel, Starlicious Make Overs and Racism/Homophobia.

An excellent companion piece is disU.N.I.T.Y.: or, letting go of latifah by fecundmellow:

call me a renigger (read: reneger), i don’t give a damn. but, dana, you’ve put a homegyrl in a fucked up position. surely many will say i shoulda given it up, turned it loose longlong time ago. i mean, i ain’t see taxi, but i saw beauty shop. if i were a camel, that shit would’ve broken that bridge called my back. but on (some of) the realest shit i’ve said this year: you broke my heart.

A simple solution to the gay marriage issue, called The Buddy System, is spelled out at defective yeti.

Damn, That Was Close (Again…) on Bark/Bite depressed the fuck out of me, but as usual it’s really, really well written and wickedly funny. You make the call about whether to read it. It might depend on what kind of day you’re having.

Check out Van Jones’s piece Shout “VIVA!” Anyhow: On Being Black At A Latino March.

And finally, thank god someone finally gave me some guidelines for choosing a password. Thanks, Suebob!