Saturday Good Writing #7

Bark/Bite had two good pieces inspired by the Super Bowl. It’s worth reading them as a set. First, Ah, the Superbowl. Second, Do You Tell a Football What Time the Superbowl Starts?.

UnwiredBen sent over this movie review of Ultraviolet by Marcus132:

I’ve seen movies before where I’ve said “they showed all of the best parts in the trailer.” Ultraviolet is the first movie that ever made me say, “They showed all the best parts in the poster.”

Dawn posted a great piece called Invisibility=White on her blog I am doing the best I can:

When my mother in law says this phrase “White people are crazy” this is what she means. White People are the dominant culture in the United States. They are the holders of nearly all the political, social and economic power in our society. They design and control our government, our schools, and our legal system. White people control most of the media outlets – radio, television, and newspaper and book publishers. White people have designed a total system that grants them implicit favors and privileges as they navigate these systems. Yet, they blatantly, as a group, deny this.

Though it’s been a long time since I identified as a Christian, I found Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger on Slacktivist quite compelling.

Binyavanga Wainaina published a great piece called How to Write About Africa in Granta. While you read it, if you’re laughing, make sure you’re also thinking.

I was confused when I started reading Why I am not a feminist on Creek Running North, but I stuck with it. You should too.

Last, let me say that I have NO IDEA what combination of drugs produces the writing on the blog I’M ON YOUR COMPUTER. But The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony for Childs cracked me up. For half an hour.

Get this, imagine if you were just a Sweet Innocent Baby, nothing to read, saving up $$$ for your future so diligently but yet thinking “I wish there was some Book I could read to make time go faster until I grow up to be fucking ill”.

You can tell that some of the commenters are trying too hard to be funny in the same style, and they’re just not. But perhaps practice makes perfect.

And lastly, this one is good writing combined with cartoons, so there isn’t much I can excerpt. But please do check out There is Life on Mars, which I found via this post at Arse Poetica.

You’ll be glad you did.