Saturday Good Writing #6

Writing in Grist, Sarah Kraybill gave us A mistletoe primer, which starts out:

Very Important Things I Learned About Mistletoe from the U.S. Geological Survey, Which Knows All Kinds Of Things Not Only About The Earth’s Crust, As Their Name Would Suggest, But Holiday Flora As Well

Somewhat entertainingly given my January posting record, my next selection is a photo essay from Fussy entitled Good God! I’ve posted something!.

My friend Grace managed to entertain me with a post on a topic I have zero interest in. The topic is Celebrity gossip round-up:

How virile Tom must be, siring a man-child! Maybe they will name him Elron.

Anybody Got Something To Say, Better Be Running Away is another entertaining post on a topic I have zero interest in. This time it’s jogging:

So – I just took up Jogging. To cut a long story short my fitness levels were ‘through the floor’ and an Alternative Medical Practitioner said ‘Dude if you don’t start Jogging, you are FUCKED. Now, give me £1,000 GBP and Jog the hell out of here before I open your Meridians.’ I was a bit disappointed with the Bedside Manner of that Alternative Medical Practitioner, but didn’t hesitate to fuck right off as instructed.

I have hesitated for almost a year now to post a link to Why’s (Poignant) Guide To Ruby, because it’s a computer manual. And I know that I am slightly to the geekier end of the spectrum among people who don’t actually work with computers for a living, so my perceptions of funny in this area are probably not representative. But it’s damn funny! Also, there are lots of cartoons.

But if that doesn’t work for you, you can try Technology Alert from The Reality-Based Community. Here’s a teaser:

As is well, though not widely, known, babies were invented by George Eastman in 1894 to create a market for his Kodak cameras, which up to that point were selling poorly owing to the lack of any important application.

Or, look at this gorgeous picture of cinnamon rolls. Or read this post about the Scottish black bun.

It’s all about having choices.