Saturday Good Writing #22

Guests and Pet Peeves Re: Body Image at Kali Dharma X Shakti Dharma:

Because, you know, every curvy woman in the US has a patriotic duty to be dissatisfied with her body and be trying to lose weight and to gush thanks when people indicate that she might just have dropped half a pound.

I’m so gonna downward-dog your ass! (scroll down to see it) from the Asheville Disclaimer, via a post on Dirt Under My Nails, via a post on Arse Poetica

Black History Remembered on African-American Dad.

Letter to My Body by Grace at What if No One’s Watching:

But what is absolutely your fault and not mine, and unforgivable, is that you are allergic to everything. Every tree, every plant, every mold, every animal, every dust spore. Of all of the ways in which you have let me down, this is the most intolerable.

If babies were all considered disabled at Composite: thoughts on poetics by Liz Henry:

By the time your prescription for the “stroller” had been approved by doctors and you’d proved through several insurance company and social worker home visits that you indeed had a baby, and by the time the stroller arrived, your baby could walk. Oh, you could rent a basic stroller from a medical supply store for 10 bucks a day, but it would be MADE OF LEAD.

Have a good day everyone. May you be spit up on less frequently than I will be, and have less of your hair torn out by tiny fists.