Saturday Good Writing #21

When I started doing Saturday link posts, the fact that I did them on Saturday morning was a nod to Saturday morning cartoons. But I have to say, when I don’t get to sleep until 9 on Friday night, get out of bed with The Dog at 10:20 and 10:40, get up with the baby at 12:30 but don’t fall back to sleep until 1:30, and then get back up with him from 3:30 to 5, and get back up at 8, somehow blogging is not the first thing on my mind.

So this is Saturday evening good writing, which is being posted at the time when I would have started getting ready to go out dancing when I lived in Boston and I was not a mom. Enjoy!

Alice at Finslippy helpfully let us know The worst that could happen so we can plan:

Afraid of tipping the wrong person because after all they all have the same damn hairstyle, I leave without giving money to the hair-washer. A ritual murder-suicide ensues. The note makes it clear that it was my fault.

A good writing medal goes to Slant Eye For the Round Eye, for the title of the post Best Picture Of An Almost Naked Asian American Star Surrounded By Red Vegetables For A Cause. The Year In Review posts, which are linked in the sidebar on that post, contain plenty of other well written category names, such as “Coolest Pale White Guy Still Rockin’ Late Night.” You should check it out.

Another medal goes to the author of the blog Newsmericks because I sure as hell couldn’t summarize news articles in limerick form with such style.

Slacktivist provided us with a list of Biblical Names:

If we’re going to mention Jael, we also need to mention Deborah — the other heroine of this story from the book of Judges, which is all about the men dithering and the women bailing them out with real courage and leadership (and tent pegs).

And that’s what I got. Now when is the pizza showing up?!