Saturday Good Writing #20

Here is my list of things you should be reading if you like good writing. If you like sucky writing, email me privately and I’ll send you some links to that instead.

Things We Can Learn From Google (Part 1) on A Mommy with an Attitude

Five ways to avoid being a soccer mom by Janine Wood in the Christian Science Monitor:

Don’t buy a van. If you already own one, sell it. A van-less mother is a useless mother. Not having a van eliminates most opportunities for carpooling, travel sports, and play dates. If you can’t fit the kids in the car, you can’t take them anywhere.

United States Successfully Exports Remaining Democracy at Defective Yeti.

A racism renaissance? by Nora at The Angry Black Woman:

We’ve got a national debate about immigration that pretty much amounts to “OMGWTFBBQ brown people everywhere!!eleventy1!!” We’ve got white presidential candidates openly snubbing debates and questions on PoC issues. We’ve got a black presidential candidate who has to be guarded by the Secret Service because he’s gotten so many racist death threats. (Meanwhile his opponents openly express amazement that he bathes and can talk.)

I don’t remember asking him a goddamn thing! by Shark Fu on AngryBlackBitch:

Okay, so Scooter B. called Iran part of the Axis of Evil back in the day and then clarified that shit by saying that the most evil thing about Iran is their nuclear program. The United States then launched into a Yo Momma battle with Iran that is still going on.

At the risk of causing all my faithful readers to roll their eyes and sigh and exclaim “Yes, we KNOW you like his blog,” I will also recommend HARD TO GRASP LIKE SCIENCE AND MATH IS and SEPTEMBER: THE NEW CRUELEST MONTH? at I’M ON YOUR COMPUTER. In case you missed them.

And finally, I love the folks at Feedburner. They even make announcements of service interruptions worth reading.

Now go out and play!