Saturday Good Writing #18

You don’t have to watch the accompanying video to appreciate All the good music on Slacktivist.

I lost valuable productive hours of 1998 and 1999 because of Brunching Shuttlecocks. Lore Sjöberg now has a column in Wired. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory Realities of Nearsightedness was eerily familiar, and luckily not all that gory.

Austria’s Five-Star Prison is both words and pictures. Don’t miss the photo captions.

Why is the rate of burglaries in Austria a whopping 40% higher than in the U.S.? I’ll tell you why: because Austrian minimum security prisons are fucking awesome! If you’re in Austria, and have a working brain, you should be trying to get into one right now!

When You’re A Jet by Barbara Card Atkinson took my breath away. It’s short and precious and you should read it.

I love Coffee Break’s Over on Our Kind of Parenting so much that I’m having a hard time what to put for the teaser without spoiling it. So, no teaser.

It’s Over, but for the misconceptions, and notes on raunch culture generally on Kalidharma X Shaktidharma saved me the trouble of writing a post on censorship versus social disapproval – and bonus, it’s way better than what I would have written:

Content directors and cultural creatives put stuff out there. If we don’t want it: they can’t sell it: it dies. And that is perfectly fair, fine, right, and just what freedom of speech means. All the ideas and styles get their test and run, and some of them make it. Not all of them make it in all contexts. Speech is contextual. You can’t say just anything just anywhere. And grown-ups know that.

What creative types and programming directors also know, that most people don’t, is there are Many More Ideas in the Hopper. Always. And we won’t run out. So, most people also won’t run out of entertainment. Relax. We’re not going to make you make your own entertainment. We know that’s really hard to do.

Beyond Earth Day on a garden of nna mmoy is both funny and deadly serious:

Some of the candidates will promise you the moon. They will blow fairy dust up your ass and try to convince you that they can lower taxes, improve the resource-based economy and prevent global warming without making any significant changes to how we get around, build our houses, or the price of bread or t-shirts. This is a complete and utter fabrication. They are lying to you.

Have a good weekend, people.

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  1. Si

    Oooooh! I made it! And in such good company.

    There are days when I want to go and read everything linked to your blog because it’s all so right-good-fun-smart. And then I remember that I have to read stuff linked on my blog, and then I sort of slump over. I heart SMGW posts v. much, and I’m v. happy yr better enough to be so generous again. — Si

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