Saturday Good Writing #16

Have at it.

Having phone banked myself, going through the “unconfirmed” list, I can sympathize with Shark-Fu at AngryBlackBitch in Phone Banking and the Modern Bitch.

There is an art to the personal essay. I don’t manage it well myself. Miss Zoot does. Check out Simply the Best!.

I like Fred Clark when he’s snarky. Thus, Behindsight and bias makes me happy:

Or, of course, Vendantam could have simply used Google to find the hundreds of thousands of articles and blog posts from the distant past of four years ago in which thousands of different people said exactly what Vendantam says no one ever said.

And to wrap it up, stevenf has some recommendations on How To Live:

I mean, it can’t possibly be healthy for my body or mind to spend each day sobbing uncontrollably and trying to eat as many Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers as I can before nightfall.

Have a good Saturday!