Saturday Good Writing #15

Hello all, I hope you’re still in bed this morning. Unless your children need you, in which case I hope you were able to get up and go help them without too much pain. I guess it depends on whether they let you sleep through the night, huh?

In place of morning cartoons, I offer the following snippets from the web.

Know-It-All on The Talent Show contained some good information, so please review post haste if you missed it.

I guess I need to clarify more at Peter’s Cross Station may only be of interest to those who care about adoption issues, but it’s tremendously well written and I liked this part:

My knee-jerk response when looking for a side to take is the side with the least power. And that includes times when I personally, individually may lose something by siding this way. I know that people in the position to adopt often feel like they are powerless. But they are not. Most often, they are people who have a lot of power, but have lost a piece of that power–assumed fertility for example. Generally speaking, however, adopters have more power than prospective first parents.

Dooce took inspiration for Having Dated Walking Red Flags from Maggie Mason’s book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, which I own and love. But I doubt I’ll do a post like this of my own, because Dooce’s is so amazing that I’d rather read hers.

And finally, a 2006 wrapup entitled Feminism & Gender in 2006: The Good, Bad, and the Underwearless, by the talented Suzanne Reisman of BlogHer and her own blog CUSS and other Rants.

That is all for today.