Saturday Good Writing #14: It’s Back!

Here are a few things to read this morning in case you don’t like any cartoons that are on. Yeah, they’re old, but so what? Good writing on the internet is forever.

Shark-Fu at AngryBlack Bitch posted Girl, get your suffrage on! right before the elections in November, but it’s timeless and fabulous.

Right after the election, A whole new world! The first three hours was documented at Finslippy:

7 a.m.: The radio alarm wakes us up. NPR briskly announces that the Democrats have taken the House. I’m trembling with glee. No, wait, I’m trembling with cold. I look out the window. It’s pouring rain. The Democrats never said anything about rain.

Though this post is from June of 2006, I still think it’s important to point out that You’re not allowed to kill civilians.

Miss Zoot says Be glad I don’t have your cell number, but hell, I’d give her my number after reading this.

Skip past the t-shirts to find PART TWO! in the post Free Don’t Suck at Fussy. Or don’t skip the shirts, they’re kind of fun. But you have to read the story by Jackson and Sophia, plus the brilliant literary commentary by Mrs. Kennedy. Too short for an excerpt, that would spoil everything, sorry!

Oh wow, this one’s really old. But still good. Love in the time of terrorism at Sepia Mutiny details one man’s struggle for love in the face of transportation adversity.

Our last entry is a really good movie review. Really good. It manages to give information about the movie without being dry, and the reviewer’s opinion without being pedantic. That’s hard to do, and she does it very well. Idiocracy Movie Review by my good blog friend Suebob.