Saturday Good Writing #1

Everyone in the blogosphere has their Friday memes. Unfortunately, Friday is the day of the week when I’m least likely to want to come home and blog. But now that I have to get up at 6:30 am on the weekend, Saturday morning is looking good. Since I never want to be like everyone else, I’m going to use this time each week to share some good writing.

Kung Fu Monkey did an interesting bit this summer on Hollywood’s alleged political leanings in I Wish Hollywood Was That Organized:

Lorraine Berry of culturekitchen sends An Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership:

All I ever seem to get from you is empty promises. That, and asking me if I have a few bucks in my wallet to cover you until payday.

Via Global Voices Online, the international blog spotlight project, I found The official Religious Policeman site, a guided tour of the official Religious Police site for Saudi Arabia by a very funny blogger:

What do several replica football shirts, a ladies’ handbag with an anchor motif, a T-shirt, and a cushion cover, all have in common? Their really tacky design? Well yes, that’s probably true, but it’s not the right answer. Still don’t see it? Come on people, wake up, work with me on this. The common feature is that they all contain or depict a cross. Yes, even the anchor contains a cross. And the cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ, although we of course call him the Prophet Isa, which really messes up the title if you want to put on that Lloyd-Webber musical over here, just as well we don’t have any theatres.

HumanityCritic, who I found out about via the Black Weblog Awards, describes the possible ramifications of Being the Neighbor of a Television Family:

Now that Mr. Ingalls’ daughters are getting older, I think its time for them to ditch those long ass dresses and start wearing some skirts, or something more revealing. When I suggest this to the young women they seemed interested, but when their father got wind of my devilish plan he gathered up a witch hunt and had about 30 people outside my house holding torches.

Digby speaks about how liberals can talk about morality in Got Morals?:

Irregular Times provides an excellent example of hard-hitting journalism in Massive Depopulation As Married Connecticuters Flee State:

As it became clear that traffic jams of husbands and wives seeking to save their marriages would not clear in time for all to make it across the border before the marriage-destroying law took effect at midnight, some became desperate. “I don’t want a divorce! Please, I don’t want to take up witchcraft, join a terrorist cell, and practice lesbianism. Someone help us! Does anyone have a can of gas?” cried an unidentified woman at the side of the road as others slowly passed by, avoiding eye contact.

But they don’t mention the goldfish