Revisionist Tendencies

Seen on a comment board over at Radio Paradise:

Person 1: Woman knows how to use her voice.

Person 2: I think you misspelled “she is a sex goddess of unspeakable powers.”

This is such a useful rhetorical device.

George W. Bush: I am the president of the United States.

Princess: I think you misspelled “Please impeach me immediately, I never wanted this job anyway and I am an idiot.”

Boy: Being in a serious relationship has never been one of my priorities, especially since (this thing that happened to me right before I met you).

Me: I think you misspelled “I was a complete asshole to respond to your ad and flirt with you constantly for three weeks and then disappear, please send me to North Dakota for several years so I can think about what I’ve done.”

I had many other ideas, but they have fled. Feel free to create your own.