Reading the documentation isn’t cheating

Skye here. Doing my part to uphold the principles of free speech upon which this country was founded (or something), I am pleased to provide airtime today to C-Man. In my post How is this not cheating? I basically called him a cheater, so it seems only fair that he should be allowed to respond publicly to these accusations.

I do take exception to the use of the word “deigned” in the following, since he was originally going to respond in a comment and I encouraged him to post instead so that he would have the greatest possible opportunity to remove the stain from his reputation. I also take exception to his erratic capitalization and how he types his ellipses. My guess is he learned both of those behaviors in law school.

Now onto his defense.

So skye deigned to give me the opportunity to defend my “cheating” ways in a guest post.

I’m a programmer by trade.

Copying someone else’s code without their permission. . . that’s cheating.

Reading the API documentation, even if the manufacturer didn’t see fit to provide the documentation and left it up to enthusiasts to write it themselves . . . not cheating.

This pretty clearly falls into the latter category:

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Fusion Database

It’s all about what the rules of the game are, not how to exploit them. Coming up with your own exploits, in this case deciding what persona to create to counter a given boss, is the fun part. Pressing X and O 65,280 times in order to write down every possible combination of personae, not so much fun.

(great game by the way, highly recommend Persona 3 to anyone who likes RPGs)

Skye again: I feel it’s only fair to include that while he was writing this out, I said “I clearly remember a time when you were playing Final Fantasy XII and you went over the the computer to find out exactly how to get out of this clearing because you couldn’t figure it out, how does that fit in? That’s more what I was thinking about when I was writing the post.” and he was like “Oh yeah that.”

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