You Should Be Reading These Blogs #6

Halala Mama. This is one of the very few mama blogs I read for pleasure and I cherish it so much. It’s funny, real, and it’s about her life with her kid rather than being about her kid.

Cinematical. I know, I know, a mainstream movie blog? Hold it right there! There are a TON of amazing women writing about film on this site. It’s worth wading through the junk you don’t care about to get to the good stuff here. If you like movies, add it to your reader and look for posts by the women, or browse the site and add their feeds individually instead.

Big Fat Deal. I found this blog when I rudely blundered into a BlogHer “room of your own” conversation 15 minutes before the next one started. I had no idea I was in the right place at the wrong time. Mo Pie was hosting, and she was infinitely gracious about my complete lack of clue. I’m so glad I screwed up that day, though, because it got me reading this blog.

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