You Should Be Reading These Blogs #3

The Loony Bin. She has more kids than I do, and their life is much more entertaining. So actually, you could just stop reading this blog and read hers. Start with Baby Calls Police, Mom Embarrassed and Baby’s First Bug.

The Mormon Child Bride. So. funny. Try ranty rant mcranterson and i’m blonde and never got drunk growing up, which is why i got to marry a return missionary, instead of a convert. And if some more stuff for you guys. and an extra addition. isn’t still on the front page when you head over there, make sure you read that too.

Siditty. Insightful, entertaining politics / society / culture blog. I’ll let a couple of the post titles speak for themselves: Hugging Is Sinful?-Christians Yall Need To Get Your Folks Off The Stage and Why You Can’t Use The N-Word.

Now move on along and read some stuff.

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