Public Transportation Karma

About two weeks ago there was a ladybug stuck in the bus.

OK, I don’t actually know if it was stuck. Maybe it was choosing to ride the bus in order to reduce traffic congestion. But it looked stuck. It was wandering around on the window and seemed a little disoriented. So I caught it and got off a stop early so I could let it go in some nice grass and I went on about my business.

This afternoon as I was waiting for a bus, a ladybug landed on my head. I said “Excuse me, please don’t sit on my head” and tossed it up into the air and it flew away.

This evening I made the ridiculous decision to go grocery shopping after sunset. In the evening, the #3 bus only runs every half hour and the northbound and southbound routes are staggered perfectly to make sure I have to wait for-fucking-ever at the corner of Burnet and Koenig in the dark when I’m done shopping. So I knew I was setting myself up for problems, I admit.

After buying more groceries than I should have been carrying, I crossed Burnet Road, then almost popped my shoulder out of joint or alignment or maybe even being attached to my body while setting the grocery bags down at the bus stop. Ow. And the next bus wasn’t due to arrive for 25 minutes, and it was too dark to read and getting cold and y’all don’t know what it’s like…

…and then the bus arrived. It was the previous northbound bus, that I should have missed by 4 minutes, except that it was running late. I stepped into my apartment 1 hour and 5 minutes after leaving, and now I have fresh produce and yogurt and frozen Amy’s pizza and cereal and tortillas.

I want the universe to always work like this.

2 thoughts on “Public Transportation Karma

  1. JPed

    Oh shit. I’ve been killing these Asian lady beetles (like lady bugs only more orange) all week in the microscope lab. Guess I’m due to be flattened by a semi or some such.

  2. The Princess

    I’m just hoping the intermediary step of the thing landing on my head doesn’t always happen, because in between the step when I step on the snail and get flattened by the semi, I don’t want a snail to land on my head. Blech.

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