Prelude to a campout

Scene 1

C-Man: Is there any reason why I should look for a tent that sleeps more than two people?

Me: No.

Scene 2

Me: How was testing out setting up the tent?

Boy Detective: Great! I got to hit a lot of stuff with a hammer!

Me: Wonderful. But did the tent actually work? That’s kind of important.

Boy Detective: Oh yeah. And there’s even enough room for three people!

Me: So if I accidentally come on the camping trip I have somewhere to sleep?

Boy Detective: Yes!!!

Scene 3

Boy Detective: Is is time to get in the car yet?!

Me: No! Dad’s not even downstairs yet.

(3 minutes pass)

Boy Detective, hand on the doorknob: Is it time to get in the car yet?!?

Me: No, come back in the house. Do you want to sit in your car seat for 5 minutes being bored?

(2 minutes pass)

Boy Detective: IS IT TIME YET?

And then it finally was… hopefully for more of this which was so enjoyed last fall…


14 thoughts on “Prelude to a campout

  1. Patti

    This brought back memories of Husband setting up the tent in the backyard for Boy and his friends. I am in the “please, don’t make me camp” camp. I’ll take a cabin please.

  2. Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

    OMG. That looks awesome. I want to go camping there! I need to find a place like that in Western PA or WVA for my boys to play in when we go camping this summer. We slept out in a tent last summer and even though it was tough for them to go to sleep, I remember being awake when they woke up (my two youngest, ages 3 and 6) and they both said, “Whoa!” It was a great moment. Best of luck camping this summer!

  3. Sarah

    I hope they had fun! I am terrified of the idea of camping in Texas, thanks to my strong fear of snakes.

  4. Skye

    Lisa I did have a great time!

    Elizabeth and Brandi it is gorgeous out there and I have a tiny bit of regret I missed the scenery this time – as well as the “waking up in a tent for the first time” moment. Especially since someone’s phone went dead and so I apparently did not get (m)any photos brought home! But I’m with Patti and a cabin is as close as I want to get to sleeping outside.

    Virginia I think even I would camp out in a treehouse. That sounds lovely.

    Sarah the only encounter this trip was with a few cactus spines, no snakes! I did make C-Man ask about the emergency services protocol when they paid their admission at the park office.

  5. Helen

    I like the idea of camping, but am so not into it at all. My little one really, really wants to go, though, so I fear it may be in my future sooner rather than later!

  6. Jennifer S.

    I’m not a HUGE fan of camping… I’m more of a “glamping” kinda girl, but if there is an air mattress and access to a semi-decent washroom I’ll “camp” :D

  7. Skye

    Amber they did have a great time although it was pretty dang cold that night.

    And I’m sensing a theme that we should all organize a bloggers’ glamp-out!

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