Posts You Must Read #2

Here are a few of my favorite things:

A note on vulnerability and responsibility by Hugo Schwyzer:

Kung Fu Monkey launches D.A.C.M.A. to save us all:

[…] the roundabout solution here is to ban the marriage of celebrities in the first place, to keep them from spreading their disgusting guerilla free-love meme when they eventually, inevitably dissolve these shams perpetrated in the Kabbalah ceremony of their choice. We at Kung Fu Monkey are proud to make the Defense Against Celebrity Marriage Amendment our first political cause.

Dru is doing a fascinating poetry project with her kids. Note to self: give up on The Dog, have kids.

Alice at Finslippy describes a slight preschool problem in Let’s get physical. I went stupid fangirl on her at BlogHer and I don’t regret it one bit.

Anyway. So, okay. My child is apparently sad! And tired! That’s not her fault, is it? That doesn’t mean she hates him? Although when he gets home, he’s whirling about the apartment like they gave him crack! Except, whoops, that couldn’t have happened, because according to his teacher he’s a certified snack-hater.

And finally, the post Affection at MightyGirl. It’s tiny and wonderful. Read it.