And This Post is Just Feeding the Vin Diesel Search Monster

Has anyone ever started a website because they were already getting the traffic for it?

Between September 7th and 13th, 3 people got to the Kingdom by searching for “vin diesel workout.” People also got here searching for:

  • vin diesel’s eating habits
  • vin diesel’s women
  • photo vin diesel’s mom
  • vin diesel orientation
  • vin diesel’s orientation

And this is WAY DOWN from my usual Vin Diesel related traffic, people. Usually it’s about 20 people per week. It’s insane. Write one post dissing Chronicles of Riddick and this is what you get.

My first million is obviously not going to come from the broken glass magnet like I thought. It’s going to be made with a Vin Diesel fan site.

My other favorites from the week in question:

  • dating stoners
  • army for teenagers
  • i hate you because
  • gnats apartment
  • nigerian internet romance profile blacklist