I post this on the Internet so you can all tell me that I’m right

Or you will tell me that I’m a complete idiot and going to burn in hell and people like me are ruining America, because on the Internet, there is no middle ground.

Here is my belief: when you get done using a cleaning implement, such as the broom, or the scrubby thing in the kitchen sink, the proper thing to do is to make sure it’s ready for the next person to use. In the case of the broom, that means getting the fuzz and cruft out of it. In the case of the scrubby thing, that means rinsing the bits of food out of it.

After all, does the next person really want to start their cleanup by cleaning up the thing they’re supposed to be cleaning up with?

I’m not saying that everyone can always accomplish this lofty goal. Often, we have responsibilities to jobs, families, art, community improvement, social change, or personal development that limit the time we can spend maintaining our cleaning tools.

What matters, though, is that we all agree on the CORRECT way these things should be handled.


9 thoughts on “I post this on the Internet so you can all tell me that I’m right

  1. Bonnie

    Absolutely. Here here! My roommate always leaves the dish brush floating in the sink after he’s done with it. I hate that! The whole point of the brush is so that I don’t have to touch the dirty dishes! Instead, I have to wade through dirty water and whatever is in it to find the dang brush. Yuck.

    Three cheers for cleaning up your cleaning tools!

  2. Ms BGC

    You are correct, especially about the dishbrush.

    I do not always meet this standard, but I agree that it should be done.

    I dislike kitchen clothes and sponges left to moulder in the sink, and buckets with grime left in the bottom. Sadly I mostly only have myself to blame for this.

  3. The Princess

    @MinivanSoapbox, this is a case where I absolutely agree with you on the way things should be, despite my poor performance on achieving that standard.

  4. angelina

    My life has been empty without the word “cruft” to fill it.

    I 100% agree. I almost never omit this final important step but I actually did it yesterday with my kitchen sponge and I disgusted myself so thoroughly I almost took away my weekend beer privileges.

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