The phone call you don’t want to make

Hearing people yelling in the street near our loud neighbors’ house, I pull back the office curtain to check it out…

C-Man: I think it’s basketball.

Me: Football.

C-Man: Good thing you checked before calling 911 on them again.

Me: I would never call 911 without looking! But yeah, I think calling the cops on your neighbors for playing football would be really embarrassing.

C-Man: Especially in Texas.

Me: I think the cops might arrest ME for that, actually.

14 thoughts on “The phone call you don’t want to make

  1. Raewyn

    hahaha, I have never been to Texas, but when I went to OSU we had a similar occurrence. Only we did call the cops because it was 2 am during midterm week. The partying has to end at some point!!

  2. Skye

    Fit Empress, absolutely! And I’m too nice to do hard time.

    Brenda, we’re not big into sports, but we try to stay aware that our entire state is different from us! At least I recognized what game they were playing…

    Raewyn, Jennifer, and Jenna, you would not BELIEVE the issues we’ve had with these people. But that’s a whole ‘nother post!

  3. LKlonsky

    As long as they’re not naked or inebriated while playing and it’s not keeping your kids up. We, too, have had problems with noisy neighbors. Not fun…

  4. Skye

    LKlonsky, thank goodness they weren’t naked! I would have regretted looking out the window, that’s for sure.

    Jenny, is anything for sale out there? ‘Cause I am kind of sick of neighbors!

    I’m so glad everyone understands the risks here. And it was on a day when I was NOT dressed for a mug shot, believe me.

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