My Parenting Questions This Month

  • What did children play with before electrical cords and dry cleaning bags were invented?
  • What percentage of a child’s life from birth to age 1 is spent fighting with caregivers about the child’s desperate need to play with electrical cords and dry cleaning bags?
  • Do we really have enough overalls for him, or should I go to Goodwill tomorrow and stock up?
  • Why does he smile at ceiling fans so much?
  • Does anyone else have a nine month old who can climb an entire flight of stairs by himself on his hands and knees, or are we the only lucky ones?
  • If he got my cell phone, who would he call?
  • When will he stop ripping out my hair for entertainment?
  • Should I give away my maternity wardrobe before C-Man gets the snip, or is that asking for trouble?