Sins of the Father: Superpowered YA Done Right

Multicultural and diverse literature has been such an amazing thing for our family. We’ve had to search for it, but we have found so many wonderful writers and artists from diverse backgrounds, telling stories that star all kinds of characters. Our lives are richer because of these folks’ hard work and talent. So when Diverse Book Tours was looking for… Read more »

My 2015 Happiness Project: Month The First

(Just a heads up that my book posts use affiliate links, but check your local library too!) In 2009, Gretchen Rubin published The Happiness Project, detailing her year-long experiments in being happier. I didn’t hear of it until November 2013, when my friend Shannon wrote about it at her blog Salt Lick Lessons. And then it took me more than… Read more »

4 Children’s Books About Fairies That Adults Can Love Too

Fairies are possibly the most under-represented imaginary population in quality children’s picture books. I don’t understand why! My son has always loved fairies, so it’s taken extensive digging in the Austin Public Library catalog to create even this short list. And forget about finding any diversity, sadly enough. But here are the children’s books about fairies that have warmed my… Read more »

Holiday Gift Ideas for Geeks

I started to write this as a personal wishlist post… and then I realized that just about everything I want might be great for lots of other geek girls – and guys as well! So we’ll call it a gift guide, and clearly I am helping with your holiday shopping for the geeky people in your life. Even if that… Read more »

Getting To Yes

I’m not sure he quite gets how this trick is supposed to work… Boy Detective: You love me, right? Me: Yes. Boy Detective: And you like me, right? Me: Right. Boy Detective: And you’re eating right now, right? Me: Right. Boy Detective: Give me a dollar. Me: No. Boy Detective (aggrieved): Awwwww, man! Me: Nice try, though. Thanks to C-Man… Read more »

5 Boy-Led Children’s Books We Love

I am remiss! Back in 2013, I posted our list of favorite kids’ books about awesome girls, but I haven’t given the boys their spotlight! Let’s remedy that. From quiet to loud, here are the boy-led stories that have made both the grownups and the kid in our house very, very happy. Any suggestions for more? Leave ’em in the… Read more »

Eight Years

Until today, I would have told you that I post a wedding picture every year on our anniversary, except for the year I was not blogging, and last year when I posted a picture of the inside of our freezer instead… and backdated it. Today I discovered that I also skipped year two. While doing NaBloPoMo when I had a… Read more »

It’s like time-traveling self-sabotage, and it must end!

Dear Future Me, Okay, I get it. All those things I don’t want to do? You don’t want to do them either. So when I leave them for you because I’m supposedly too tired or don’t have time or apparently I’d rather lie in bed even though I’m awake? You get cranky. For a while I thought I was “being… Read more »

7 of The Best Children’s Books About Nature

Some topics that may not come up when you’re asking a kid “What do you want to read about next?” In our house, “nature” would never be one of the answers. However, the following children’s books about nature and the natural world have been hugely popular here, for kiddo and grownups alike. Hope you enjoy them as much as we… Read more »

The phone call you don’t want to make

Hearing people yelling in the street near our loud neighbors’ house, I pull back the office curtain to check it out… C-Man: I think it’s basketball. Me: Football. C-Man: Good thing you checked before calling 911 on them again. Me: I would never call 911 without looking! But yeah, I think calling the cops on your neighbors for playing football… Read more »