14 Great Graphic Novels Starring Girls and Young Women

Hi! You’ve reached an older post – I’ve integrating the comics that were here into my general kids’ comics posts. There are SO many amazing comics starring girls there, you won’t have any trouble finding plenty to enjoy. So head on over and check out all my kids’ and YA comics recommendations.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a masterwork of cinema that will change the way you think about life, love, and happiness? Clearly no. Is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fun and totally worth your entertainment dollar? That’s a yes! It’s exactly what you’d expect when combining Jane Austen with zombie movies: women in pretty dresses hacking up undead monsters,… Read more »

4 Supernatural Webcomics to Read and Fall in Love With!

Sometimes, even if you’re not around a campfire, you need a good ghost story. Or a monster story. Or a demon story. Or a story about mystical forces personified as gods. Lucky for us, there are some top-notch paranormal and supernatural webcomics out there. Here are the ones I’m loving right now – but I wouldn’t say no to more,… Read more »

Well Hello There! + A Reader Survey

I hope everyone had some good holiday time off, and safe travels if you were traveling. I had a great month planned for posting until we had to move out of our house for two weeks due to plumbing problems, and then I jacked up my back – which required a trip to Urgent Care and multiple prescriptions to get… Read more »

16 Science Fiction Webcomics To Make Your Geeky Heart Sing

Since I’m a science fiction loving gal, the webcomics with spaceships, aliens, and lasers have a special place in my heart. Here’s a roundup with some of my absolute favorite science fiction webcomics. A helpful webcomics reading tip: many creators sell PDFs or hard copies too! That can be an easier for long stories and lets you read without an… Read more »

My 20+ Favorite Magical and Fantasy Webcomics

I usually lean more towards science fiction than fantasy, but WOW, there are some amazing fantasy and magical webcomics out there. The art! The stories! The reading of webcomics on my tablet in bed when I should really be sleeping! (I know some of you do that too.) A helpful webcomics reading tip: many creators sell PDFs or hard copies… Read more »