24 Children’s Picture Books About Families That Will Make You Smile

I’ve been happy to read all of these engaging stories about families many times over with my kiddo. Hopefully you’ll find something new and fun for your TBR here. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My picture book posts were originally published and then occasionally expanded between 2012-2015, with reviews based on reading with my kiddo between preschool age and… Read more »

15 Paranormal Historical Romance Novels I Adore

I had no idea how much I’d love the paranormal historical genre in romance! Here’s a roundup of my favorite (so far) paranormal historical romance novels, novellas, and short stories, in case you also appreciate some ghosts and whatnot with your tales of smooching. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) I originally posted this list in 2017, but it’s been… Read more »

90+ Wonderful Graphic Novels with LGBTQ+ Characters

When I first published this post in 2014, I had room for most of my fave LGBTQ+ graphic novels and comics in one post. Now ten years later, they cannot be contained! So, after a set of recommendations that only appear here, this post is an index of queer graphic novels recommended across my blog. It’s organized by blog post,… Read more »

10 Boy-Led Children’s Books We Adore

Some quiet, some boisterous, here’s a list of boy-led stories that have made both the grownups and the kid in our house very happy. Of course there are plenty of other boy-led books in my other recommendation posts, too, but I hope you find something new and cool to read in this one. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My… Read more »

39 Of Our Favorite Children’s Picture Books About Animals

We read approximately 5.2 million kids’ books about animals with Boy Detective when he was still in the picture-book reading phase. These are some of our favorites. Some you’ve possibly not heard about, some are pretty popular, but all of them are fantastic. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My picture book posts were originally published and then occasionally expanded… Read more »

20+ Spectacular Science Fiction Graphic Novels

I grew up watching Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Blake’s 7. Spaceships, epic battles, robots, time travel, the stars! Exciting people doing exciting things on exciting other planets! What’s not to love? So here’s a list of my fave sci-fi graphic novels I’ve stumbled across in my comics reading journey. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here! (Disclosure: Amazon… Read more »

17 of our Favorite Silly Children’s Picture Books

Silly is one of our family’s favorite things. Boy Detective loves to laugh, and it doesn’t take much to get him giggling. I’m more of a hard sell. To make me laugh, you have to bring funny AND clever. The following books were perfect for both of us, and many got at least a chuckle from C-Man as well. (Disclosure:… Read more »

Our 13 Favorite Children’s Picture Books About Dragons

My kid, like many others, loved imaginary creatures when he was little. Fairies were often his #1 pick, but dragons followed right behind. Dragons get more high-quality attention than fairies in children’s picture books, so it’s a bit easier to find good kids’ books about dragons. Here are our favorites! They’re so good I’d also recommend them to an adult… Read more »

My Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

My short story reading is scattershot at best, but I have come across some serious favorites over the last few years. When a friend asked for recs, I realized I didn’t have them easily to hand. So here’s a good start, and I’m sure I’ll add more later as they occur to me. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) Any… Read more »