8 Offbeat and Quirky Graphic Novels

Here’s a little roundup of the most quirky, offbeat, and one of a kind graphic novels I’ve read and loved. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews – so some of the books below have them, some do not, but I love them all. Hope you find something to enjoy! Before we… Read more »

15 Suspenseful Romance Novels That Really Hooked Me

I love a good thriller, action movie, (fictional) police procedural, or martial arts flick. Cross one of those genres with a romance novel? I’m in. Here are my fave romances so far that have a strong suspense sub-plot. Hope you find something here to enjoy! Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. Any questions, corrections, recommendations? Let me… Read more »

17 of My Favorite Funny Romance Novels

I’m a sucker for a romance novel with wry humor, snark, high-quality banter, or the fun kind of bickering. Every single book on this list made me laugh out loud at least five times. So take a look, and hopefully you’ll find something new and fun to read! Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. Any questions, corrections,… Read more »

12 YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books For Your TBR

Like YA? Like fantasy and/or science fiction? If yes, this is a list for you. Especially if you love diverse characters and diverse authors, since this list (obviously) reflects my reading interests and so it leans heavily in that direction. These books totally swept me away while reading. Occasionally I may also have stayed up late to finish a chapter…. Read more »

16+ Science Fiction Books This Geek Girl Loved

I went through a heavy sci-fi reading phase as a young person… then kinda got lost? With movies, tv, anime, and comics, I was getting my science fiction fix elsewhere. In the last few years, though, I’m back in the game. So here are my fave recently read science fiction books – both novels and novellas – from my personal… Read more »

15+ Paranormal Historical Romance Novels I Adore

I had no idea how much I’d love the paranormal historical genre in romance! Here’s a roundup of my favorite (so far) paranormal historical romance novels (and short stories), in case you also appreciate some ghosts and whatnot with your smooching stories. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews. Some of the… Read more »

19 Engrossing Crime and Heist Graphic Novels

When I started blogging about comics, I made a list of my favorites to help organize things, and a LOT of crime and heist books ended up on that piece of paper. I hadn’t thought of myself as a crime-story loving gal, but the evidence is right there on my bookshelves! Here’s a collection of my favorites (so far!) and… Read more »

16+ Fantasy Picks for Your TBR

In the last few years, I’ve lucked into so many fantasy stories and books that reminded me why I love the genre. Here are some of my faves, most diverse in some way, all magically wonderful. I hope you find something new here to read and fall in love with. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough… Read more »