14 Wonderful Contemporary YA Novels

Teens and young adults sometimes get a bad rap in popular culture. When I was one myself, I was terrible, but having worked with teenagers professionally since then, I know that they’re great. They may lack life experience, but often they more than make up for it in enthusiasm and curiosity. So here are some of my fave contemporary YA… Read more »

Authors of Queer Adult Romance Who Are Men and/or Transmasc

For various reasons, I’ve been trying to read more dudes (umbrella term) writing queer romance. As a Virgo, this necessitated I make a list. Anytime I make a list of books, I start wondering if it might be helpful to anyone else. So here ’tis. MOST IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Massive apologies if I fucked up anyone’s identity. Let me know via… Read more »

9 Captivating Graphic Novels About Conspiracies

Want to make me happy? Give me a story with a secret cabal of evildoers, behind the scenes machinations, and a determined resistance fighting against seemingly overwhelming odds. Throw in some superheroes or magic powers, or not! I’m happy either way. So here are my favorite conspiracy-centric graphic novels for you to peruse. If you like secrets and cover-ups in… Read more »

13 Great Audiobooks for Kids (And Their Grownups)

Audiobooks have made so many of our three-hour drives from Austin to Houston so easy, and also made our drives to and from school relaxing before school went virtual. Here’s a list of our “greatest hits” list so far, arranged (roughly) from youngest to oldest audiences – within a range of older elementary to lower YA. The way my life… Read more »

My 6 Favorite Mysteries (So Far!)

I am only a baby mystery reader, but here’s a tiny post of my mystery recs so far! The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews, so one of these books has a review and the rest have just their blurbs, but I love them all. Hopefully you find something new to read… Read more »

11 Spooky Graphic Novels About Dark Magic

Here’s a list of dark magic graphic novels for when you just want something to creep you out. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews. Some of the books below have them, some do not, but I love them all. Hope you find something new to read and enjoy! Before we jump… Read more »

20+ Geeky & Nerdy Romance Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories

Yep, it’s a post full of romance novels about the geeky and nerdy among us. Video games, programming, hacking, collectible card games, epidemiology, climate change science, neurosurgery, archaeology, the college newspaper, comics, fandom, Victorian fashion, theater… it’s all here. “Geek” pretty much describes everyone who lives in my house, so this roundup is close to my heart. The way my… Read more »

70+ Good Comics for Kids

Here’s a collection of the best kids’ comics we’ve found – and to be honest, I’m an adult and I loved these too. Disclaimer: These books feel like approximately upper elementary school and middle school to me; some skew a bit younger and some older. I sort comics into three kids’ age groups based on my library’s system, personal experience,… Read more »