18 Engrossing Crime and Heist Graphic Novels

When I started blogging about comics, I made a list of my favorites to help organize things, and a LOT of crime and heist books ended up on that piece of paper. I hadn’t thought of myself as a crime-story loving gal, but the evidence is right there on my bookshelves! Here’s a collection of my favorites (so far!) and… Read more »

16 Fantasy Picks for Your TBR

In the last few years, I’ve lucked into some fantasy stories that reminded me why I love the genre. Here are some of my faves, most diverse in some way, all magically wonderful. I hope you find something new here to read and fall in love with. (Update: republishing this post with many new books added!) The way my life… Read more »

My 7 Favorite Secret Agent and Spy Comics

Dangerous missions! Conspiracies and betrayals! Fast cars! Deadly weapons! Spy comics have an infinite budget for special effects and different locations, so they’re possibly even better than spy movies. Here are my favorites. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews. Some of the books below have them, some do not, but I… Read more »

19+ Fantasy Romance Novels To Sweep You Away

Demons, dragons, talking animals, curses… yep, we’re definitely dealing with magic here. Welcome to my list of favorite fantasy romances – some novels, some novellas, some short stories! I hope you find something great to read and enjoy in the list below. (Update: Republishing this post because I’ve added more books!) Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links…. Read more »

16+ Lovely Historical Romance Novels

When I started reading romance, I had no clue I’d find so many historical romances to love. Turns out I like escaping to another time just fine, especially if fancy clothes are involved. So here’s a roundup of my so-far favorite historical romance novels, novellas, and short stories. It’s probably a little more queer and diverse than if you grabbed… Read more »

60+ Graphic Novels for Older Kids & Young Adults

Welcome to our list of recommended comics for older kids, teens, and young adults! All of the books below have young protagonists we think would be especially engaging to older kids and young adults. But actually, the grownups in this house bought almost all of these for ourselves. There are plenty of books we recommend for younger kids (Comics for… Read more »

20+ Romance Novels for Fans of the Paranormal

— Updated in November 2020 with even MORE books, yay! — Do you like your romance mixed with monsters or magic? This is the list for you. Witches, ghosts, vampires, fae, and even a cat that controls minds (really!) If any of this is your jam, read on, because I enjoyed all of these novels, novellas, and short stories. I… Read more »