Sugar Is My Motor: Vegan Marshmallows!

Long long ago in the galaxy that I live in, vegetarians and vegans could buy and eat marshmallows that did not conflict with their ethical/moral principles. Then the factory that made them burned down. Now we can have marshmallows again.

Street Harassment Is No Fun

When I was 18-ish I walked past the auto repair department of some department-type store in St. Paul – near the Midway Target on University – and a group of men hanging out there in the open bay doors catcalled and whistled at me several times. I regretted wearing a short skirt, I regretted being alone, and I have always… Read more »

I Am Our IT Department

In other news, the Windows XP setup on the pitiful laptop here at work now says: Setup will complete in approximately: after you’re dead (Really.)

One Queer Cartoon Utopia, Please

Skip the dating show bit in TAP: Web Feature: Queer Factor and read the part about Queer Eye. The “cartoon utopia” aspect is precisely why I enjoy the show so much – and why I enjoyed the film Big Eden despite some character development shortcomings. It is lovely to have even a one-hour vision of what the world is like… Read more »


Tonight I’m going to the Blue Man Group‘s rock show. I saw their show “Tubes” in Boston with my ex-husband a couple of years ago, and it was one of the most amazing artistic experiences of my life. Even better than Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” tour. ;) What’s cool about my life right now: this is not the only non-homework event… Read more »

Today’s Emotions: Fear, Triumph, Curiosity

Fear was all from The Dog. A fly came into the apartment, and she hid in the bedroom because flies mean I’m going to roll up a magazine and try to swat them. That makes a loud noise, so it’s scary. I can’t tell you the reasoning behind hiding from the plastic bag of frozen hash browns, though. Triumph was… Read more »

I Have Been Done Wrong: Comics Edition

Dear Alan Moore: I read League. Well, I tried. Maybe Watchmen was the apex of your career – it was amazing, and revolutionary, and I loved it. This… not. Dear Guy at Dragon’s Lair: When I told you my heart was breaking because The Invisibles was over, you recommended Transmetropolitan instead of Planetary. What the hell were you thinking?

The League of Extraordinary Oh. My. God. How. Boring.

I could not have set my expectations low enough for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The best thing about it was the matinee pricing. However, my walk there proved that I now live only 15 minutes away from The Alamo Drafthouse North and The Quilt Store. They’re in the same parking lot – it’s very convenient.