Mothers Are People Too

One of my co-workers is the mother of a toddler. She emailed me a document for a meeting we’ll be in this afternoon, and had this to say about it: “Here’s the cleaned up version (all cuss words and references to dancing girls taken out).” It’s reassuring to have proof that reproduction doesn’t necessarily mean loss of personality.

It’s Like Lying, Except More Annoying

Rick Perry is not my favorite human. He restored some of the mental health benefits to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which is good. It’s not what we had, and a bunch of kids have lost eligibility for CHIP completely because of rule changes, but at least we’re not going to become the only state that has a CHIP… Read more »

I Am A Rock

I have learned much from living alone for the past five months. I create less trash than I thought. Being in a vegetarian-only space is more important to my sense of well-being than I knew. I like hitting snooze several times on the radio-alarm clock and waking up slowly in the morning. I hate being the only one who ever… Read more »

Delaware Ruins Everything

On Route #3 Bus, Burnet/Manchaca, southbound, morning, re: admission to the University of Texas at Austin: Girl: I just need to be a foreign student and then I’ll get in. Don’t we have a quota on foreign students or something? Boy: Ummm…. no, I don’t think so. Girl: Or people from Delaware or something?

Canine Reprogramming

If anyone knows a humane method for convincing a dog that big fat juicy snails are Not Interesting, please drop me a line. I don’t mind her smelling them, and if she licks one I can always brush her teeth, but I would hate for her to eat one. It’s just too French. I mean Freedom.