Charitable Choice and Conservatives

I first thought about posting on this topic when I saw this line on Dynamist Blog: Publicly disapproving of gays separates [evangelical Protestants] from popular culture–and, hence, reinforces religious commitment–while exacting little personal toll. Then Monday the Bush White House showed more of its true colors, as demonstrated by a few key lines from a Washington Post article on the… Read more »

Well, I’ve heard of the Mayflower

It’s not even light outside yet, and the DJ on KGSR wants people to call and tell him the names of the two groups on the Mayflower. These two groups were essentially fighting all the way across the Atlantic, and finally settled their differences with the Mayflower Compact. I vaguely recall the mention of a compact from my days in… Read more »

The Libertarians Found Me!

What I didn’t tell you before I left for the potential ass-kicking in New Hampshire is that I have a Real Live Libertarian (RLL) living next door. His big red van has a big white sign on the side that says something about the Constitution. So last week I received a package from the vegetarian shoe people (my shoes don’t… Read more »

I Am An Underachiever

Polly Shulman writes, in a review of “Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity” by David Foster Wallace (originally on Salon but received by me via Powell’s Review-A-Day listserv): The greatest thrill I remember from my girlhood — better than my first kiss, first airplane flight, first taste of mango, first circuit around the ice rink without clinging to… Read more »

They’ve Got Personality

I retrieved my “in case of fire” box from my dad last weekend, and I am cleaning it out so I can send it back packed with all the data I would need to replace if my apartment burned down and took my computer and photo albums with it. CDs, negatives, photocopies of my credit cards and i.d., inventory for… Read more »

No Home Without Potter, Yes?

Harry Potter book sales have hit 250,000,000. The current population of the United States, according to the Census Bureau, is 292,615,786. Given that three or four people outside the U.S. have bought books, I’m not sure the saturation is that great on this product. Would Bill Gates stand for it if at least 42 million people in this country didn’t… Read more »

You Know It’s Naptime When…

you’re working like crazy all day long on a massive project, and when you try to sing along to one of your favorite and most-memorized Cake songs it comes out “Sheeps go to heaven, boats go to hell.”

New England Respelling Project Complete!

B. and I completed the the New England Respelling Project in our 500 miles of driving the rental car around. Revised signs should be posted soon to reflect the new spellings, which reflect the actual pronunciations used by natives, and which should then decrease the disorientation experienced by non-natives when attempting to navigate. Guide: Wooburn replaces Woburn Lole replaces Lowell… Read more »