Snippets From Relatives, Fall and Winter Holidays

Names withheld to reduce negative ramifications should one of them find this blog. Relative: “It was terrible, the circus got shut down and all the animals were going to be turned into horse meat!” Relative: “I guess it was fine, if you like watching people shoot other people with bullets.” Me: “As opposed to with what?” Relative: “I’m just explaining… Read more »

Information Deficits and Texas Public School Finance

University of Michigan economist Joel Slemrod and Princeton University political scientist Larry Bartels say that Americans just don’t get tax policy: …despite their philosophical support of a progressive tax system and their awareness that inequality has increased over the last several decades, voters support tax policies that would perpetuate a more regressive tax system that includes tax cuts for the… Read more »

An Abrupt and Welcome Reversal

This morning sucked. It started at 1:00 a.m., which is one of the reasons it sucked. Then it sucked some more, in new and exciting ways, and all of that was before I even got to work at the stunningly late hour of 10:45 a.m. Even the Ms. Magazine “50+ kick-ass women” issue that C. gave me yesterday did not… Read more »

Dramatically Lowering Standards

I am often advised to be less picky about my explicit criteria for who I will date. (I am advised to be more picky about who I actually date, but that’s a different story.) The theory is that if you’re too choosy, you may never find someone. I don’t much care for that theory. It has a gaping hole in… Read more »

My Relationship With Television

Oh. My. Yes. When we enter into a fictional world, or let the fictional world enter into our imaginations, we do not “willingly suspend our disbelief.” …we cannot willingly decide to believe or disbelieve anything… When engaging with fiction we do not suspend a critical faculty, but rather exercise a creative faculty. We do not actively suspend disbelief – we… Read more »

Charitable Choice and Conservatives

I first thought about posting on this topic when I saw this line on Dynamist Blog: Publicly disapproving of gays separates [evangelical Protestants] from popular culture–and, hence, reinforces religious commitment–while exacting little personal toll. Then Monday the Bush White House showed more of its true colors, as demonstrated by a few key lines from a Washington Post article on the… Read more »