Linky Love

Interesting things I’ve seen lately… Brokentype said something lovely about a dead goldfish and a Frank Zappa song. Go read it, all the way to the end. MaxSpeak briefly and wittily discussed one of my favorite Big Government policy ideas: public works jobs. RedHeadDread confirmed one of my primary fears about parenting: you don’t always get to divide it equally… Read more »

I’m still waiting for…

…a broken glass magnet. Dog feet everywhere would rejoice. Also, people who walk next to dog feet everywhere would rejoice, since it’s not like dogs are particularly clever, and so it’s our job to keep them from walking on broken glass, and it can be a lot of work.

#3 Bus, Northbound, 9:41 p.m.

Scene: Bus, as noted above. Enter 23? year old guy, cute, very cheerful, vaguely alterna, carrying a bag with 2 or 3 bags of generic cereal. Driver: What’d you get? 23: Cereal. But no lady. Driver: What? 23: I went to the HEB, I hoped there would be a lady there for me, it being Valentine’s Day and all. Driver:… Read more »


I just put on my Tank Girl shirt, jeans, and Doc Martens to go to my quilting group meeting. *contented sigh.* [Updated 9/2/12: I have no memory of ever having owned a Tank Girl shirt.]

Worst Reason Ever for Being an Omnivore

I had never heard of Laura Fraser and her book The Italian Affair until I saw it mentioned on a blog. In this excerpt, she describes how she became a vegetarian because she was a poor college student and wanted to be political enough to fit in with her radical friends – then later haphazardly added some patchy concern for… Read more »

Ignorance and Despair

A few days ago, Jeanne D’Arc cited some disturbing evidence that Americans are terribly, terribly ignorant and asked what’s going to happen between now and the election to disabuse folks of their misconceptions. Well, here’s one attempt: Freeway Blogging. That focuses on the war, but here’s another topic. Bob Herbert wrote an op-ed in the NYT on February 2nd that… Read more »

And He Got Elected…

Our lovely Senator Cornyn was quoted on the Massachusetts gay marriage decision: Do we let people and states, through their elected officials, decide the definition of marriage, or do we let activists judges overrule their decisions through court edict? Here’s the thing, though. Right now, the court has ruled that what the “people” have done is, well, illegal. I never… Read more »