Okay March, this is how it’s going to be. You listening?

2010 has kicked my ass in January and February, and I have had it.

I’m also up to here with my current attack of insomnia, the next installment in a lifelong battle. (How it didn’t flare up and kill me when Boy Detective was waking me up every night multiple times for the first 18 months of his life is totally beyond me.)

I have also had it with my mad procrastination, which I often blame on the ass-kicking and the insomnia, but is really just a personality flaw.

So in March, I am not going to take it anymore, even when the enemy is me. The following things are all stressing me out so much that I can barely think, and they must be eliminated:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Clutter in sewing room
  3. Massive clutter in guest room
  4. Even more massive clutter in garage
  5. Other random clutter all over the damn place
  6. Disarray of finances
  7. Chore-doing all being organized and tracked by me
  8. Meal planning all being organized by me and MIL
  9. Lack of time away, alone, without a two year old climbing on my body or shrieking “Mommy”
  10. Stuffed full inbox
  11. Stuffed full feed reader
  12. Disarray of blogs
  13. Using work to avoid life

I am going to smash it all.

I am dimly aware that embarking on a self-imposed tyrannical large project that requires doing a bunch of stuff (beginning while my husband is laid up in bed and during the same month as SXSW) may not be the kindest thing given how tired I am, but I don’t know how to rest with all of this hanging over my head.

When I’m done, I might be just as miserable, but at least things will be tidier.

3 thoughts on “Okay March, this is how it’s going to be. You listening?

  1. Bachelor Girl

    Look, Skye, this may not be how it SEEMS, but this is how it IS:

    You are raising Boy Detective. A CHILD. Who was birthed from your loins. (Or your abdomen. Doesn’t matter. Either way, it was effing PAINFUL.) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER HUMAN. A human who is still developing his motor skills and his capacity for linear thought. Which is the hardest thing this Bachelor Girl can imagine. (I am still working on my motor skills and linear thinking.)

    All of which is a long way to go to say:


  2. Andrea Middleton

    Our household has had nearly miraculous success with Hyland’s Insomnia tablets. Homeopathic, so there’s no habit forming and you can’t take too much. If it works, merely let it be known that I held March down while you punched it in the nads.

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