Oh, right, you’re ALL as obsessed as me

The term Quilt Bee is used in the Austin Area Quilt Guild for a small group within the 600+ member Guild that meets regularly to sew together. I coordinate the Bee that I’m in, so I’m officially a Beekeeper. (This makes me excessively happy for reasons evident to folks who have seen Eddie Izzard‘s routine on beekeepers.) Our Bee is called the Material Girls, and we range in age from about 25 to 40, rather than the 55-65 that is prevalent in the Guild as a whole. Yes, I’m not the only one!

So I arrived at the Bee meeting Wednesday night with a jumbled pile of folded fabric and quilt blocks in various stages of being disassembled – which meant that my first step for the evening was to sort everything back out.

Someone asked what I was working on. I said “A disaster.” I was prompted for more details. I said “Well, I’ve changed my mind so many times on the design that it’s a nightmare, so I’m starting over.”

I was again prompted for more details.

It took me a few minutes to realize that these people actually want to hear that the pattern I tried first was called Roman Coin (not Rail Fence) but that I didn’t have enough range of values to get the effect I wanted, that I had tried widening the middle stripe within the block to allow the larger scale prints to show up more effectively but ended up hating it, and that I was now disassembling those blocks with only 11 days to make the whole quilt so I can take it to Colorado for my nephew.

I had spent so much time with “normals” ;) that I had completely forgotten the Bee’s purpose is sharing an obssession!

The secondary benefit this time was that S. was bored and ripped out a bunch of seams for me in order to procrastinate her own work. Hurray!

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