Oh They Just Keep Showing Up

Sometimes I like looking at how people got to this lovely blog using their trusty search engines…

really really short skirt (Yes, you get totally different results by adding that second “really.”)

someone who thinks they’re better than women (can’t you just walk down the street and find some? I’m pretty sure they’re everywhere.)

sinking feeling never find someone (I had that once. Then I realized it wouldn’t be that bad, so The Dog and I were saving up for a townhouse. Then I found someone, which was also nice.)

how fix my toaster (I obviously have no idea.)

wish i was a stepford wife (Now here’s where I wonder… were they looking for my post on this topic and they remembered the name but not where they saw it, or did I just find my soul mate? Or rather they found me. But didn’t leave a comment.)

essay on godzilla on my mind (Bring it back when you find it, sounds interesting!)

why feminism screwed women over (I think first you need to actually prove there was a crime before you speculate on motive.)

where can i find the purple dress shown on lizard kingdom.com wedding poll #2 (As if someone out there is blogging about the dress post…)

craft stores colorado consignment booths (I can’t help you.)

if your parents don’t like lizards and you want one what should i do (If my parents don’t like lizards and I want one what should YOU do? Or if your parents don’t like lizards but you want one what should I do? I’m confused.)

vin diesel’s barefeet (Not this again…)