Note to Self: Don’t get any more of this stuff

Arborio rice

How long has it been since I made risotto from scratch? Thanksgiving of… some year? Back when I had a young baby and two part-time jobs and still tried to cook? I have much lower standards these days. And the not-quite-enough-for-anything arborio rice is still in the cabinet, because the solution to having not quite enough arborio rice is somehow always to buy more arborio rice, in bulk, so that you don’t know how much you’re really getting, and then you still have a little bit left over after you make it again. Which I won’t be doing any time soon.


I’m sure there are people who use Q-tips for a great many personal hygiene needs. We are apparently not those people. I have no idea how this 15+ year old package of Q-tips is ever going to get used up. There are only so many tiny arrows you can make with Q-tips to go with the tiny bow made of dental floss and a popsicle stick that you saw on Pinterest, you know?

Transforming toy robots

You’d THINK the number of transforming toy robots welcome in my house would be infinite. We are geeks. We love robots. But I also thought I would have a boundless love for the Transformers movies and then Michael Bay happened.

Luckily Michael Bay is not involved with my son’s collection of transforming toy robots, but a force perhaps equally as sinister (grandparents) has increased the size of the collection to a level that cannot be contained by any organizational system short of devoting an entire room of the house to this. BUT I AM USING THOSE ROOMS FOR OTHER THINGS. So, no more transforming toy robots, thank you.

Also because now we have broken ones so there are also transforming toy robot limbs scattered about, and it’s just kind of depressing.

10 thoughts on “Note to Self: Don’t get any more of this stuff

  1. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    I use Q-tips for makeup, specifically eyeliner, purposes, so it’s pretty safe to say that I would go out in a blizzard to buy more Q-tips. Even still, it takes us a year or more to go through a box, plus we live in Louisiana, so it’s unlikely it would ever come to that. But I stay stocked up just in case of apocalypse.

  2. Christina

    We have the Costco-sized box of Q-tips, and surprisingly we go through them. It’s mostly my husband, though – I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with keeping his ears clean.

    We don’t need any more crayons. Just when I think we’ve cleaned out the broken ones and taken them down to a reasonable number, another box of 64 magically appears and they’re everywhere.

  3. Skye

    I don’t even want to talk about the crayons. Boy Detective’s grandmother used to own a preschool…

  4. Tarrant

    I use q-tips for glue. Those little glue needs where I don’t want to dump half the bottle on something. They also are great for persnickety obsessive cleaning of computer parts.

    The arborio rice I would just toss in a casserole or next pot of soup. No, not risotto, but it works.

  5. Skye

    Persnickety obsessive cleaning of computer parts = the hobby I forgot I was supposed to have. :)

  6. Liz

    Heh, we go through a ridiculous amount of Q-tips. My husband is obsessed with cleaning his ears and, well, since I seem to be a few baby steps away from crossing over the TMI line, I’m going to stop this conversation, right here :)

  7. Liz

    I stick qtips in my ears. Way down deep in there. At least once a day. Extra if my ears get wet. Mmmmmm, best thing ever!

    Also…. computer keyboards, crumb removal!

  8. Limitless Lisa

    I am so stuck on the Q-tip thing. I could not live without my Q-Tips. I stick those things in hundreds of places (and most of them do not involve my body.) Just think of the transforming robot parts you could clean with a Q-tip!

  9. Skye

    I must have had the only pediatrician in the world who was dead set against putting Q-tips in ears!

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