No Thanks, I Do Not Want To Be Cured Of All Deadly Diseases

Spam doesn’t get much better than this…

USE “THE ANTIDOTE” TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST ALL known deadly Viruses & Bacteria in the body that keep diseases, namely: Influenza, SARS, Cancer, HIV etc. etc. active.

Organizations as vried as the ABC News Online, BBC News, Animal, Blue Sky,,,, BBC News, Nova Online,,, McNeese State Univeristy, BBC Nature News, Islam Online, and reputable doctors have all given testimonials praising the power of the Antidote.

This quote from BBC Director-General Greg Dyke describes the manner in which a unique anti-microbial peptide was discovered: “Tonight I can reveal that Living Proof, our science documentary on BBC ONE, has done something very unusual: they’ve actually helped find and isolate a protein which kills resistant bacteria and which could form the basis of a new antibiotic.”


No thanks. I do not want to be cured of all deadly disease remove me from mailing

If Animal says it’s true, what am I waiting for?

4 thoughts on “No Thanks, I Do Not Want To Be Cured Of All Deadly Diseases

  1. JPed

    BBC News thought it was so nice they mentioned it twice. And McNeese State University! You must BOW to the power of “The Antidote”, aka the dopest shit ever. Also, bonus science, I didn’t know that cancer was caused by a virus or a bacteria! WOW! I guess I’ll retire now from the biomedical field, as nothing can stop the power of “the Antidote”.

  2. Adam

    I second JPed. It’s time to retire. I’m going to move to New Guinea and look at flowers, secure in the knowledge that I will like forever using The Antidote.

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