In Other News, Goodness

Yesterday, while waiting for a bus, after buying a beautiful shirt for $5, on my way to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown, I saw a very growly looking tattooed shaved-headed man with a very goofy looking big brown pit bull mix dog on a leash.

The growly man carefully walked the goofy dog to his car, opened the door, made a little encouraging gesture, and the dog jumped into the back seat. I smiled at the goofy dog roaming around in the back seat, and I smiled at the care with which the growly man tucked in the leash and made sure the dog didn’t get anywhere near the door while he was closing it.

The growly man looked up and saw me smiling at him and the goofy dog, and he smiled back, and suddenly growly man didn’t look growly at all. He was instead friendly and beautiful and I was thoroughly pleased with the universe for providing me with the opportunity to see the growly man smile and love his goofy dog.

It confirmed my basic assumption that the universe is never far from showing me something good. The goodness quite often involves people, because as much as people can annoy me, they really are one of the coolest things going.

Now off to listen to some bagpipes