New England Respelling Project Complete!

B. and I completed the the New England Respelling Project in our 500 miles of driving the rental car around. Revised signs should be posted soon to reflect the new spellings, which reflect the actual pronunciations used by natives, and which should then decrease the disorientation experienced by non-natives when attempting to navigate.


  • Wooburn replaces Woburn
  • Lole replaces Lowell
  • Peabiddy replaces Peabody
  • Meffid replaces Medford
  • Glosster replaces Gloucester
  • N’ampshah replaces New Hampshire
  • “Are you going to the Johnny’s Foodmaster grocery store down the street?” replaces “y’gan dan Janny’s?” because OTHERWISE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SAYING NEW ENGLANDERS!

Thank you for your attention to these matters.